The new edition of the Academy’s Persian-English Newsletter is out. Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani has contributed the editorial on "Wisdom, Ethics and Politics".

The Newsletter covers the news and reports on the Academy's programs and activities during the first half of the current year. Some of the major topics presented in the Newsletter are as follows:


- Scientific Council Meetings
- General Assembly Meeting
- Lecture Meetings of the Departments of Basic Sciences, Agricultural Sciences, Engineering Sciences and Human Sciences
- New Edition of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education
- New Issue of the Journal of the Department of Agricultural Sciences
- Honoring the Distinguished Young Researchers in Basic Sciences
- Meeting on the Interaction between Human and Engineering Sciences
- Introduction to the National Academy of Sciences of Argentina

This issue also contains several lectures and speeches of the members of the Academy and introduces a number of new publications of the Academy members, and the anthology of news in English.


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