On Wednesday, November 13th, the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy hosted a seminar on “New Aquaculture Systems; Challenges and Strategies of the Department of Agricultural Sciences”.


The attendees included some authorities of the Academy, chairman, fellows, associate fellows and invited scholars of the Department and some faculty members of the universities and research institutes.

At the opening ceremony of the seminar, Prof. Sharifi Tehrani, Prof. Shahedi and Prof. Azari Takami delivered speeches.

Afterwards, the following lectures were delivered:

- Studies on the Application Process of Organic Additives in Aquaculture Nutrition to Increase Production and Prevent Diseases
Prof. Ghobad Azari Takami
- Aquaculture in Iran, Future Vision and Challenges
Prof. Hossein Ali Abdolhai
- Ecological Effects of Non-Native Rainbow Trout Cage Culture on Caspian Sea Species
Prof. Asghar Abdoli
- Biosecurity and Health Care in New Aquaculture Systems
Prof. Amrollah Ghajari

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