On Wednesday, October16th, the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy hosted a lecture meeting on Land Destruction in Iran and Its Control Strategy. The attendees included the chairman, fellows, associate fellows and invited scholars of the Department; faculty members of the universities and research institutes and some authorities of the natural resources of the country.



At first, Prof. Abbas Sharifi Tehrani, chairman of the Department, welcomed the audience and gave an explanation of the subject of the meeting. He also emphasized that the Department holds such lectures monthly and issues the results and strategies of agricultural and natural resources’ problems as a statement.


Then, Prof. Hassan Ahmadi, fellow and chairman of the Division of Range and Watershed Management of the Department, introduced keynote speakers of the meeting. Afterwards, the following lectures were delivered:


  • Land Destruction as the Result of Wind Erosion and Dust Phenomenon, Dr. Ali Mohammad Tahmasbi-Birgani
  • A Glance at the Status of Soil Erosion by Water and Sediment Production in Iran and the Factors Affecting It, Dr. Mahmood Arab Khedri

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