On October 13th, Prof. Davari Ardakani chaired the 494th meeting of the Scientific Council of the Academy attended by the secretary and chairmen of the scientific departments of the Academy, head of the National Research Institute for Science Policy (NRISP) and a number of deputies and directors of the Institute.



At the beginning of the meeting, Prof. Davari stated that “there are some organizations in the country which have more or less common goals. As a result, they should be aware of the activities of each other.” He emphasized that collaboration and interaction between the academies of IR Iran, Vice-Presidency for Science and Technology and NRISP would be useful for science and science policy of the country.


Then, Prof. Vahid Ahmadi, head of NRISP, thanked the president of the Academy for holding this meeting and gave an extensive account on the history, activities, programs and outlook of the Institute. He also explained that the Institute operates as a think tank in the field of policy-research and policymaking, research and innovation at national level in an extra-sectoral manner. The Institute consists of seven groups which are active in policy making.




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