The new issue (No.2, Vol. 4) of the Strategic Research Journal in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has been published by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy.


The aims of this journal are to print the findings of major strategic researches of the country in the fields of agricultural sciences and natural resources, analytical articles concerning one of the general challenges of agricultural sciences and natural resources of the country, invited papers of the experts regarding important debates and problems of the country in the fields of agricultural sciences and natural resources, providing a forum for the exchange of information and dissemination of knowledge in the fields of agricultural sciences and natural resources.


In this issue, the following articles are contributed by professors and experts in agricultural sciences and natural resources:

- Evaluation of Economic Benefits of Agricultural Products Ranking Based on Safety and Quality
S. Abedi and M.A. Malboubi
- Approaches for Promoting Entrepreneurship among Agriculture Students in Iran: A Delphi Study
N. Shiri, A.A. Mirakzadeh and K. Zarafshani
- Sustainable Intensification of Agricultural Systems in Iran for Adaptation to Climate
Change: Opportunities and Challenges
A. Mahdavi Damghani, J. Kambouzia, F. Aghamir and H. Mahmoudi
- Structured Lipids in Food Industry and Their Functional Effects
N. Seifzadeh and M.A. Sahari
- Evaluation of Climatic Conditions for Greenhouses in Some Regions of Iran
N. Etemadi, R. Mohammadi Nejad and A. Sheikh Alyan
- Packaging of Agricultural Products, a Strategy to Reduce Waste
B. Tajeddin
- Monitoring Landscape Spatial Pattern Changes Based on Ecological Metrics
M. Teimory, J. Feghhi and M. Zobeiri
- Factors Affecting the Tendency of Iranian Farmers to Use Pressurized Irrigation Systems

A. Momvandi , M. Omidi Najafabadi, J.F. Hosseini and F. Lashgarara

- Qualitative Status of Scientific Journals of Water Engineering in Agriculture (Irrigation) in Iran
J. Bazrafshan , A. Khalili, Sh. Zand-Parsa, A.R. Sepaskhah, A. Alizadeh and J. Farhoodi
- Economic Appraisal of Biotech Products Application in Production Chain of Broiler Industry
S. Abedi

Conclusions of the seminars held by the Department and extracts of the accomplished research projects conducted by the members of the Department are presented in the appendices of the Journal.

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