On Wednesday, July 17th, the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy held a meeting in which Prof. Kamran Davari, faculty member of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, delivered a lecture on “Irrigated Agriculture and Water Resources Restriction Paradox in the Eastern Part of Iran”.



The attendees included the chairman, fellows, associate fellows and invited scholars of the Department, and other authorities, university professors and experts of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad and Ministry of Energy.

Initially, Prof. Abbas Sharifi Tehrani, chairman of the Department, welcomed the guests and mentioned that the Academy has been holding meetings on macro problems and challenges of the country for a long time. These problems and challenges have been analyzed by the members of the Department and university professors. Statement have been issued on them and submitted to the relevant authorities. He added that the Department has held a number of meetings on optimization of water consumption, qualitative and quantitative sustainability of water resources of the country and causes of and strategies for dealing with water resources crises of the country and published their results.

The meeting was followed by short speeches presented by Prof. Mohammad Shahedi and Prof. Alireza Sepaskhah. Finally, Prof. Davari delivered a speech on the topic of the meeting.


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