The 80th issue of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has been published by the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy. In its preface, Prof. Mahmoud Yaghoubi, fellow of the Academy and Executive Manager of the Journal, describes some problems in the status of engineering students, graduates of different fields of engineering, engineering education and its relation with industry.



Articles included in this issue are:

• Soft skills for engineering students and graduates/ A. Mohammadzadeh and R. Sotudeh Gharebagh
• Compliance of electrical engineering ethics codes among students of electrical faculty of Tabriz University/ A. Imanzadeh, A. Pashaie Fakhri and
H. Kalantari Dehaghi
• The impact of flipped classroom on the level of learning and satisfaction with teaching method in electrical engineering students of Islamic Azad University/
M. R. Ahadiat
• Evolution of power line communication: From a fixed telephone system to telecommunication technology of smart energy grid/ M. Sheikh - Hosseini
• The impact of multicultural situations in the process of teaching, learning investigating of human factors experiences in Ahvaz Faculty of Petroleum/ N. Eidi and M. Nourian
• Gap analysis between the existing and desired situation of the country's maritime industry in order to implement the concurrent engineering model/ A. Mohamadi, A. Maleki and E. Alizadeh

English abstracts of the articles and the summary of Prof. Javad Salehi’s speech on “Information on the Essence of Creation” are among the items presented in this issue of the Journal.


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