On Sunday, June 9th, the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the Academy held a seminar on "Bird Flu and Its Importance to the Economy of the Country".



Prof. Nadalian delivered welcoming remarks at the seminar in which the following participants were present: chairman, fellows and associate fellows of the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the Academy, a number of the authorities and university professors.

The seminar continued with the following lectures:

- Discussion on the Bird Flu, Prof. Mohammad Hassan Bozorgmehri Fard
- A Brief History of the Asian H5 Viruses in Iran and the World : Genesis, Expansion and Continuous Change, Dr. Abdol Hamid Shoushtari
- Methods of Prevention, Control and Eradication of Flu Virus Based on the Global Protocol, Prof. Mahdi Vasfi Marandi
- Iran Veterinary Organization Plan for the Prevention and Eradication of the Bird Flu in Iran, Dr. Ali Safar Makenali
- Status of Human Flu in Iran and the World, Dr. Farshid Rezaei
- Damages Caused by the Recent Flood to the Poultry Industry in Iran, Dr. Saeed Charkhkar




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