The Public Council Meeting of the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy was held on Thursday, May 16th in the presence of Prof. Mansour Gholami, Minister of Science, Research and Technology(MSRT).


The attendees included the chairman, fellows, associate fellows and invited scholars of the Department.


At first Prof. Yousef Sobouti, chairman of the Department, began by welcoming Prof. Gholami and the audience. Then he gave a brief account of the Academy’s structure and different divisions of the Department: Physics, Mathematics, Chemistry, Biosciences and Earth Sciences. He also mentioned that the meeting aims at expressing the concerns of outstanding professors of the country.


After Prof. Sobouti’s speech, some members of the Department depicted their personal concerns and views about the problems of basic sciences and universities and underlined the effective cooperation between the MSRT and the Academy.


Afterwards, Prof. Gholami thanked the Academy as well as the audience and elaborated on the present and future activities of the MSRT. He commented that there is no obstacle to cooperating with the Academy in defining the place of science in the country and preparing annual reports on its status.



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