The 79th issue of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has been published by the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy.

The Journal includes seven articles and the research achievements of professors and experts in the field of engineering education.


Articles included in this issue are:

• A study of the challenges of electrical engineering curriculum for its revision and modernization / K. Bahri Gamichi , M. Sameri and J. Abdoli Soltanahmadi

• The study of the role of epistemological beliefs and attitude toward math on academic performance of engineering students/ M. Gholampour, M. Akbari Burang and S. Ghorani Sirjani

• Evaluation and assessment of effectiveness of specialized training courses of Iranian railways system based on Kerkpatrick’s Model/ M. E, Sadeghi, H. Erfanian Khanzadeh and H. Vahabzadeh

• Outcome-based subject outline: An effective tool for internal evaluation of engineering educations quality/ H. Zeynal, S. Mansoorzadeh

• Investigation and explanation of the effect of motivation on student learning (with the emphasis on the features of university textbooks )/ O. Mahdieh

• Presenting a model of effective indicators on developing entrepreneurial university with application of fuzzy multiple criteria decision making (MCDM) model techniques/H. Samadi-Miarkolaei and H. Samadi-Miarkolaei

• Identification of the obstacles for commercializing the innovations and inventions of engineers and trainees in technical and vocational training organization of Iran/ P. Niroomand, M. Mollaakbari, A. Faraji Armaki, S. Zaare Khormizi and H. Qanbari

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