On Wednesday, 6th March, the Fifth Honoring Ceremony of Distinguished Engineers in Agriculture and Natural Resources of the country, selected by the Academy in 2019, was held by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy in its Conference Room.

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In this ceremony, the Academy honored the following distinguished engineers in Agriculture and Natural Resources:

Dr. Behzad Sadeghi
Dr. Jamal Ghodoosi
Dr. Saadollah Eskandari
Dr. Siroos Azadi
Eng. Mehrbakhsh Hossein Zadeh
Eng. Shervin Ardalan

The audience convened in the conference room included president and a number of authorities of the Academy; chairman, fellows, associate fellows and invited scholars of the Department; some officials of the Ministry of Agriculture Jihad; pioneers in the field of Agriculture and Natural Resources; university academics and the families of the selected engineers.

In this event, Prof. Davari Ardakani, president of the Academy; Prof. Abbass Sharifi Tehrani, chairman of the Department; Eng. Seyed Mohammad Hosein Shariatmadar, supervisor of the Agriculture and Water National Research Center, Iran Chamber of Commerce and the selected engineers delivered lectures.



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