On March 7th, the General Assembly of the Academy sat for its 124th meeting. Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani chaired this meeting in which 42 fellows participated.

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Following the approval of the previous meeting's minutes, the Anthology of Articles in the Honor of Prof. Yousef Sobouti was unveiled. Prof. Towfighi and Prof. Davari Ardakani delivered speeches to honor Prof. Sobouti's high academic and research status and his administrative achievements. The honoree thanked the speakers as well as the General Assembly's members.
Then, Prof. Ali Kaveh was elected by ballot as the candidate of the Academy to receive the First Class Governmental Medal of Knowledge from the President of the IR Iran in 2019.

The meeting continued with the approval of the extension of associate memberships of twelve academics for a further four-year term.

Finally, Prof. Mokhber Dezfouli was assigned to set up a workgroup to devise and propose the rules and regulations for honorary membership of the distinguished Iranian and foreign professors at the Academy.



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