The first issue of the Biannual Journal of Human Sciences Development has been published by the Department of Human Sciences of the Academy. Prof. Seyed Mehdi Alvani is the Managing Director and Editor-in-Chief of the Journal.



The Journal includes eight articles as follows:

The Duration of Protection of Economic Rights of the Author and the Reform of the Law in 2010- Seyed Hossein Safaei

Ethics of Technology with Anthropological Processing- Mohsen Shiravand, Sadjad Samiapour

The Relation between Relative Size of Economic Sectors and Unproductive Activities- Abbas Shakeri, Fatemeh Rajabi

Integrated and Balanced Sustainable Development Model- Shamsalsadat Zahedi

The Interests of Museums and Public Libraries in the Restriction of the Author's Right- Yasaman Jafarpour, Zahra Shakeri
Meta-Study on the Frameworks of Choosing Public Policy Instruments- Hasan Danaeefard, Mohammadreza Atarodi, Salman Zali

The Impact of Knowledge Sharing and Organizational Culture on Job Satisfaction: Structural Equation Modeling (SEM) Approach- Mohammad Zarei, Habib Khorasani

Planning Integrated Management System of the Sustainable Development of the Country- Seyed Mehdi Alvani, Reyhane Seyed Vakili, Zahra Kowsar, Farzane Asli Beygi

English abstracts of the articles and the introduction to a book are among the topics presented in this issue of the Journal.

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