On Thursday, January 24, the Division of Energy and Environmental Engineering, the Interdisciplinary Division of Environment, the Division of Chemical Engineering and the Division of Mathematical Engineering of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy held a half-day seminar on "Energy and Environment" in the Academy's Conference Room.

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The attendees comprised chairman and members of the Department, faculty members of the universities, a number of officials and experts in the field of environment and energy and authorities.
Then the following lectures were delivered in the seminar:
- Energy Supply in Iran for the Next Two Decades- Challenges and Opportunities, Mr. Hamid Chitchian
- Nuclear Energy Role in Development of the Country and Its Environmental Impacts, Prof. Ali Akbar Salehi
- Water Pollution and Public Health, Prof. Simin Nasseri
- Smart Society and Optimal Energy-Water-Environment Nexus, Prof. Yadollah Saboohi
- Air Pollution and Its Health Effects, Prof. Kazem Naddafi
- Overview of Greenhouse Gases Emission Trends and Potentials for Mitigation in Iran, Mr. Mohammad Sadegh Ahadi
- Status of Renewable Energy in the World and in Iran, Prof. Mahmood Yaghoubi
- Introduction to Renewable Energy Markets- Renewable Energy Development Worldwide, Mr. Bernd Wollwerth-Carl

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