The Scientific Council of the Academy sat for its 485th meeting on Sunday, November 11th. The attendees included president, secretary, vice presidents for research, chairmen of the scientific departments and rector of the Center for Science and Technology Studies of the Academy.

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In response to the InterAcademy Partnership’s (IAP) Call for Candidates, Prof. Hassan Zohoor was designated as the Academy's candidate for the membership in the IAP Executive Committee new term.

Then, the letter of the Iranian National Commission of UNESCO was set forth. After discussion, Prof. Mehdi Zare was selected as the Academy's representative for membership in the National Geosciences Committee of the above commission.

The Council also approved the proposal of the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy for increasing the maximum number of the associate fellows of the Academy and referred it to the General Assembly for approval.

The meeting continued with the approval of the proposal on the extension of the membership of a number of associate fellows of the scientific departments and passing it to the General Assembly for ratification.

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