The 67th edition of the Academy’s Persian-English Newsletter is out. The editorial on "Sincere and Unbiased Defense of the Academy" is contributed by Prof. Reza Davari Ardakani.

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The Newsletter also includes news and reports on the Academy's events and meetings in the summer. Also, there are reports and news on the following topics:

- Recommendations on the Country Development Programs
- Publication of the Fourth Issue of Nameye Farhangestan Oloom Quarterly
- Prof. Shakeri's Lecture on "An Analysis of Iran's Current Economic Conditions"
- Publication of the Proceedings of the Seminar on the Pathology of Research in Earth Sciences
- Seminar on "Green Chemical Engineering"
- Seminar on "Future Horizons of Chemical Engineering and Green Chemical Engineering"
- Seminar on "Future Horizons of Electrical and Computer Engineering"
- Lecture Meeting on "Production and Processing of Medicinal Plants and Their Bottlenecks"
- Publication of the New Edition of the Strategic Research Journal in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources
- Lecture Meeting on "Nanotechnology in Food Packaging"
- Lecture Meeting on "Future of Veterinary Medicine in Iran"

This issue also comprises several lectures and speeches of the members of the Academy, AASSA’s Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture (FNSA) Report on “Opportunities and Challenges for Research on Food and Nutrition Security and Agriculture in Asia”, introducing a number of new publications of the Academy members, and the anthology of news in English.



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