The 77th issue of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has been published by the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy. The Journal has started its 20 years of publication.

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The Journal is a collection of research articles and studies of the researchers in the field of engineering education. The topics covered in this journal include entrepreneurship, learning and teaching, science and technology, interaction between teacher and student, evaluation of quality, creativity and engineering ethics. The journal is published for the improvement of quality and promotion of engineering knowledge.

Articles included in this issue are:

• Complementary skill educations for chemical engineers from engineering consultant company's view perspective/ Sh. Kheradmandi-Nia and R. Sotodeh

• The evaluation of the environmental knowledge of engineering students (Case study: The engineering students of Sahand University of Technology of Tabriz/ M. Ejlalli and D. Kahforoushan

• A comparison between the educational Level of “Process Control” in Iran and the developed countries: Proposing a practical roadmap to fill the existing gaps/ F. Hourfar, L. Khoshnevisan, B. Moshiri, N. Zaare-Mehrjerdi, K. Salahshoor and A. Hourfar

• Analysis of the contents of articles in the field of quality of technical and vocational higher education: For the identification of factors to improve the quality of education at the Technical & Vocational University/ K. Nasirian Samarin, E. Samari and Y. Namvar

• A review of teaching method of “Mechanical Utilities and Services” in architecture and proposing a supplementary teaching system based on augmented reality technology/ S. A. Tajer and Sh. Valadi

• Introducing and reviewing the manuscript of the first academic education book on mining engineering in Iran/ A. Jafarpour and H. Mohammadi

• English Abstracts of the Articles

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