On Sunday, September 23rd, the Research Council of the Academy held a meeting which was attended by Profs. Hassan Ahmadi, Gholamreza Aavani, Hassan Tadjbakhsh, Parviz Jabehdar Maralani, Mohammad Shahedi, Mohammad Mehdi Sheikh-Jabbari and Hossein Namazi.



At first, the proposal of the Department of Human Sciences of the Academy for holding a one-day seminar on "Analytic and Critical Study on the Bill of Protection of Literary and Artistic Property and Related Rights (Copy Right)" was reviewed and approved.


Then a number of scientific and research activities of the Academy were discussed and decided upon at the Council.


Prof. Shahedi presented a report on the current research projects of the Academy. He also delivered another report on the active workgroups of the Center for Science and Technology Studies of the Academy.


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