The Proceedings of the Seminar on the Pathology of Research in Earth Sciences was published by the Department of Basic Sciences of the Academy.



The Proceedings, edited by Prof. Mehdi Zare, contains a foreword composed by Prof. Farid Moore, chair of the Division of Geology, and the following seven papers presented by the geology professors:

Mechanism of Scientometrics in Earth Sciences, Prof. Farid Moore

Research Tools in Earth Sciences, Prof. Ali Darvishzadeh

Postgraduate and Doctoral Theses on Earth Sciences, Prof. Abdolhossein Amini

Iranian Journals of Geology, Prof. Nozar Samani

Comparison between the Earth Sciences Researches in Iran with the Global Standards, Prof. Mehdi Zare

Research Budget in Earth Sciences, Dr. Farhad Sobouti

Geological Formations and Non-Governmental Organizations, Prof. Mohammad Reza Ghasemi

The concluding part of the Proceedings is devoted to The Summary and Conclusions of the Seminar.

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