Prof Dr Mehdi ZARE, an Associate Member of Geology Division, Dept of Basic Sciences, Academy of Sciences, I.R.Iran, succeeded to receive the Diploma on Habilitation to Direct Research (Habilitation à diriger des recherches) from the University of Strasbourg, France.

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The authorization to manage researches (HDR) is a national diploma of the higher education which it is possible to obtain after a doctorate. It allows to apply for a post of university professor after registration on the list of qualification by the National University Council, to be a supervisor or chosen as reporter of thesis.


In the HDR thesis Prof Zare presented the most important research works  conducted on the seismicity catalogues, strong ground motion databases and seismic hazard analysis of Iran and other active zones in the Middle East and south Asia. An emphasis in this thesis was to represent the important controlling factors for the seismic source determinations, seismicity parameters and ground motion models. The thesis was organized in 8 chapters that present a summary of research works and published papers on the subjects including seismicity catalogues, strong motion processing, development of attenuation relatipnships and seismic hazard analysis. In addition, a summary of reconnaissance studies of some imporatant and destructive earthquakes (since 2003) and lessons learned from them, as well as research formation in terms of supervision of Ph.D thesis  described. Furthermore, a new research on seismicity and strong motion databank of the south Asia is proposed in this manuscript.


Mehdi Zare is a Full Professor of Engineering Seismology in the International Institute of Earthquake Engineering and Seismology (IIEES), Tehran, Iran and and Associate Member of the Academy of Sciences (I.R.Iran). He is a researcher in the earthquake hazard and risk analysis and has been engaged since 1991 in his country and in the region. There are more than 50 articles authored or co-authored by Dr ZARE on the seismicity and seismic hazard and risk of Iran and the region, published in the highly cited scientific international journals. Meanwhile, he has published 12 books in Persian on the earthquake hazard analysis and seismicity of Iran (including 4 text books and 6 public general books for non specialist readers). He is the first author of a book (in English) which is published by IIEES on the Reconnaissance study on the Padanag, Indonesia, 30 September 2009 earthquake.


Dr ZARE  is the senior advisor to the National Disaster Management Organization of Iran (NDMO; official organization for Disaster management in Iran; under the ministry of Interior) and Tehran Disaster Management and Mitigation Organization (TDMMO; under the municipality of Tehran). He is a permanent member of technical supervisor committee of Iranian National Seismic Building Seismic Code (Code no.2800), since 1999.


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