On July 1st, the Research Council of the Academy sat for its 202nd meeting. The attendees included Profs. Hassan Ahmadi, Gholamreza Aavani, Hassan Tadjbakhsh, Parviz Jabehdar Maralani, Faramarz Rafipoor, Mohammad Shahedi, Hassa Zohoor and Hossein Namazi.

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The following items were approved or decided upon:

- The proposed seminars of the Department of Engineering Sciences on "Pathology of the policy and decision making system of science and technology in Iran" and "Energy and environment"
- The organization of a one-day seminar on "Studies on the criteria for the assessment
of science in the basic sciences of the country" by the Department of Basic Sciences
- The measures taken on the announcement of the scientific and research rank of the Academy's scientific-research journals
- The publication of the final report of the research project on "Iran's history of physics" with the cooperation of the University of Tehran
- The publication of the final reports of the research projects in 10 volumes for submitting to relevant authorities

The meeting continued with Prof. Avani's report on the progress of the third and fourth stages of the research project on "Evolution of the concept of science in Iranian-Islamic literature".

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