The 76th issue of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has been published by the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy.


Articles included in this issue are as follows:

• Providing a model for development of entrepreneurial university in Iran/ S. H. Mosavi, E. Salehi Omran, M. Farasa-tkhah and J. Towfighi

• The presentation and implementation of a prototype for outcome-driven validation pattern of technical and engineering curriculum (Case study: "Advanced Programming" from computer engineering)/ O. Amrollah, E. Khodaei, R. Hakimzadeh and M. Nili Ahmadabadi

• Investigation of factors affecting students educational satisfaction at the railway engineering major/ M. Khadem Sameni and M. Heydari Abhari

• A survey on the status of engineering ethics in Iranian engineering education: A systematic review/ F. Mohammad Oghlei Reyhan and Sh. Alizadeh

• Engineering education quality assessment using outcome-based education system in Buein Zahra Technical University/ H. Zeinal and Sh. Mansorzadeh

• Psychometric features (factor structure, reliability and validity) of the student self-perceived employability scale in Iranian students/ H. Abdi and M. J. Liaghatdar

• Using a foresight model to determine research priorities for industry managers/ M. Ghoddousi Mohammadi, R. Ghousi and M. Heydarin

Future conferences in engineering education and English abstracts of the articles are among the topics presented in this issue of the Journal.

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