On May 7th, the University of Tehran held the Fifth Education Festival during which 7 distinguished professors of education, 42 selected faculty members of education and 4 vice presidents of education and selected managers of the University of Tehran units were honored.


In this event, Profs. Parviz Jabbehdar Maralani, Gholam Abbas Tavasoli and Ali Eslami, fellows of the Academy, were honored as the educational senior members of the University of Tehran. Moreover, Profs. Azartash Azarnoosh, Mohsen Habibi, Rahim Zare Nahandi and Hassan Reza Etebarian were also among the honorees as the educational senior members of the University.

Prof. Seyed Mehdi Ghamsari, associate fellow of the Academy, was recognized for his services as the selected faculty member of education.

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