The fifth issue of the Strategic Research Journal in Agricultural Sciences and Natural Resources has been published by the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy. In this edition, the following articles are contributed:

- Analysis of Natural Ecosystems Functional Value
M. A. Zare Chahouki and A. Sanaei
- Evaporation Reduction from Water Reservoir of Dams
A. R. Sepaskhah
- Effects of Interbasin Water Transfer Projects on Iran's Water Resources
M. R. Rahimizadeh and O. B. Haddad
- Qualitative Evaluation of Iranian Scientific Journals in Plant Protection
D. J. Ershad, S. M. Ashkan, K. Izadpanah, Z. Banihashemi, A. Sharifi-Tehrani, S. Moharramipour, G. Nouri-Ghanbalani
- Future, Biotechnology and Biosafety
M. Omidi and M. Samiei Farahani
- Tackling the Problems of Dairy Cattle Industry Management in Iran
A. Nikkhah
- The Role of Biotechnology in Agriculture and the Protection of the Environment
B. E. Sayed Tabatabaei
- Pathology of Academic Interview in Agricultural Sciences: Challenges and Solutions
R. Mostowfizadeh-Ghalamfarsa
- Qualitative Evaluation of Horticultural Science Journals in Iran
M. Khosh-Khui, M. Azizi, K. Vahdati, V. Grigorian, M. Mobli and E. Tafazoli
- Agricultural Biotechnology and Food Safety
M. A. Malboubi and F. Habibpour Mehraban
Conclusions of the seminars held by the Department and extracts of the accomplished research projects conducted by the members of the Department are presented in the appendices of the Journal.

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