The book titled "The Status of Environment in Iran" has been written jointly by the fellows, associate fellows and invited scholars of the Interdisciplinary Division of Environment, the Departments of Engineering Sciences and Agricultural Sciences of the Academy. This book has been published by the Academy in the winter of 2017.


The book has 435 pages and contains a preface by Prof. Majid Makhdoum and twelve articles:

- Population and Health, Prof. Simin Naseri
- Human Habitations, Dr. Esmaeel Salehi
- Food and Agriculture (Forest, Pasture, Watershed Management and Desert), Prof. Bahman Yazdi Samadi
- Natural Resources Ecosystems with Renewability Potential, Prof. Mahmood Zobeiri and Prof. Hassan Ahmadi
- Wildlife and Habitat, Late Prof. Mostafa Sohrabpour
- Energy, Waste Materials and Treated Wastewater, Prof. Mehdi Panjehshahi and Prof. Jalal Shayegan
- Fresh Water, Prof. Naser Taleb Bidokhti
- Seas, Lakes and Beaches, Prof. Mansoor Taheri Anaraki and Prof. Naser Taleb Bidokhti
- Weather, Atmosphere and Climate, Prof. Naser Taleb Bidokhti
- Environmental Education, Prof. Mehdi Sohrabi
- Accounting and Environmental Economics, Dr. Naghmeh Mobarghei
- The System of the Global Environment and Its Impact on National Environment (Institutions and Policies), Prof. Parviz Davami


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