On December 2017, a report on the 25 years (1991-2016) of activities of the Agricultural Sciences Department has been published in 240 pages. The report consists of several sections.

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It has been compiled by Prof. Abbas Sharifi Tehrani. The major activities of the Department during the past 25 years has been explained in the report.
The topics included in the report are as follows:
- Organization of councils and divisions;
- Implementation of macro and special strategic projects;
- Symposia and lectures;
- Publication of journals;
- Publication of the Dictionary of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 15 volumes;
- Publication of the New Dictionary of Agriculture and Natural Resources in 15 volumes;
- Interaction and co-thinking Meetings with the Ministry of Agriculture- Jahad and Agricultural Research, Education & Extension Organization;
- Participation of the members in the Department councils, commissions and interdisciplinary divisions;
- Participation of the members in the conferences, regional and international workshops;
- Selecting and honoring outstanding engineers in Agriculture and natural resources of the country;
- Presenting statements on the findings of research projects, symposia, and lectures to the scientific and executive authorities of the country.
The report contains 40 pages as well as a 200-page appendix. The final part of the report covers the future programs of the Department, proposals of the specialized divisions for the implementation of strategic projects, symposia, lectures and other scientific activities.

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