The 74th issue of the Iranian Journal of Engineering Education has been published by the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy.


Articles included in this issue are as follows:

• Biology of a new main element in chemical engineering transition from “chemical” to “chemical and biological engineering” part 1: necessity, curriculums and research areas/ A. Ganjizadeh, O. Vahidi and S. N. Ashrafizadeh
• Optical communication: future prospects, place and necessity of education in electrical engineering/ M. Farhang
• The role of math epistemological beliefs in anticipating performance of engineering students/ M. A. Rostaminezhad, M. Irandegani and A. Asgari
• Qualitative study of the role of reflection on mathematical problem solving among engineering students/ F. Firozian, M. Fadaei ¬and A. Rafipour
• Professor`s awareness and attention to the teaching of social ethics in teaching-learning activities from the perspective of technical engineering departments/ M. Amiri and S. Mosavi
• Evaluation of learning culture for students of technical – engineering of Shahid Beheshti University (strengths and weaknesses)/ Z. Maarefvand, Gh. Shams and Z. Sabbaghian
• Appraising university services quality from students perspective: comparing industrial colleges of a comprehensive university and a technical university in Tehran/ M. Dadras, Z. Khoran, M. Usefi and H. Faraji Dehsorkhi

Future conferences in engineering education and English abstracts of the articles are among the topics presented in this issue of the Journal.


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