IMAGE Monday, 16 September 2019

Workgroup Meeting on the Status of Women in Engineering

  On Thursday, September 5th, the Department of Engineering Sciences of the Academy held a workgroup meeting on the “Status of Women in Engineering” in the presence of a number of the members of the department, university professors, consultants and women representatives of various organizations.

IMAGE Saturday, 14 September 2019

Membership of Prof. Jawad Faiz in the Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences

  Prof. Jawad Faiz, associate member and chairman of the Division of Electrical and Computer Engineering of the Academy and professor of the School of Electrical & Computer Engineering, University of Tehran, was chosen as an elected member of the Euro Mediterranean Academy of Arts and Sciences on February 24th. At present the Academy has 87 members.

IMAGE Sunday, 08 September 2019

Meeting on the Interaction between Human and Engineering Sciences

  The Iranian Society of Engineering Education held a meeting on “Interaction between Human and Engineering Sciences” on September 2nd, at the Academy.

IMAGE Sunday, 08 September 2019

Scientific Council Meeting

  Chaired by Prof.  Davari Ardakani, the Scientific Council of the Academy sat for its 492nd meeting on September 1st. The attendees consisted of Profs. Namazi, Mohaghegh Damad, Sobouti, Sohrabpour, Sharifi Tehrani, Nadalian and Shahedi.

IMAGE Saturday, 07 September 2019

Prof. Ghamsari’s Lecture on the Research Priorities and Challenges with a View to Veterinary Medicine

  On Sunday, September 1st, the Department of Veterinary Sciences of the Academy held a lecture meeting. Initially, Prof. Nadalian, chairman of the Department, welcomed the attendees and gave a report on the programs of the Department.

IMAGE Saturday, 27 July 2019

Irrigated Agriculture and Water Resources Restriction Paradox in the Eastern Part of Iran, By Prof. Kamran Davari

  On Wednesday, July 17th, the Department of Agricultural Sciences of the Academy held a meeting in which Prof. Kamran Davari, faculty member of Ferdowsi University of Mashhad, delivered a lecture on “Irrigated Agriculture and Water Resources Restriction Paradox in the Eastern Part of Iran”.

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